The Window

190X 65 X 65 cm / Mixed Media 8mm Video / 07:20

Through the narrow window, she gazes at the outside world. Observing the daily routines of her neighbors across the way and contemplating the sky of the day, the laughter of her neighbors reaches her ears, and the sky stretches a serene blue while leaves glisten in the sunlight. However, her room remains perpetually shadowed. Although she is in the same space with them, a subtle gap exists between them, created by the window. She is in the same time zone as them, but her room is always in the silent night. She stares out the window in a doorless room. Stealthily observing them, she embraces a virtual sense of belonging where reality and imagination intertwine. This window serves as a portal delineating the boundaries and connections between two realms, symbolizing the conduit between her identity and the external world. However, interacting with them directly might not be as sensorially rich as peering through this window.